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Spectator Publishing Group 2018 Local & AFL Football Tipping is an exciting local and AFL football tipping competition. Established in 2010, it is currently the only tipping service encompassing the Australian Football League, Hampden Football League, Western Border Football League, South West District Football League and the Mininera and District Football League.

With tipping competitions evolving and technology advancing, Spectator Publishing Group gives you access to an array of tools that will help educate your tipping selections each week.

Site Audience:

  • 72% are aged between 24 and 55
  • 75% are professional/office workers
  • 66% Male; 33% Female

Advertising Opportunities:

  • 640pixel x 100pixel advertising banner
  • 200pixel x 240pixel logo and naming
  • Dedicated emails
  • Integrated opportunities

For more information, please contact specads@spec.com.au

More than 351 tipsters have already registered! Do you think you have what it takes?
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